LEAF & DEBRIS DIVERTER - Supadiverta - syphonic rainwater diverter

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Stop leaves, debris AND mosquitoes

Corrosion and mosquito proof.

Water diverted to a rainwater tank must pass through mosquito proof mesh with apertures no larger than 1mm. SUPADIVERTA'S optional full flow capability through a tanks unmeshed bottom inlet/outlet and the need to prevent internal blockages led to the development of the unique filter.

Strong 750 micron (0.75mm) Polyester mesh filter.
SUPADIVERTA'S 0.75mm Polyester mesh filter has a higher % of mesh open area than typical 1mm metal mesh. SUPADIVERTA'S high percentage filtering and harvesting yield is an unrivalled combination!
LOW PERCENTAGE OPEN AREA METAL MESH causes a lot of water to `dead end’ on contact with the mesh surface, then flow over rather than pass through the mesh, an inefficient phenomenon that has a simple explanation.
Water is drawn to its greatest mass by molecular attraction and is, for example, the reason raindrops remain intact despite falling thousands of feet. The molecular attraction also exerts more influence than the gravity trying to pull water through tiny holes between areas of greater mass. Once the water responds to gravity, it will flow over rather than through the sloping filter mesh as the forces needed to draw the water through the mesh are greater than those initiating flow across the free surface.

Splash platforms with raised projections are designed to break surface tension bonding of debris to mesh.
Leaves and debris do not bond to filter mesh; it is the molecular attraction of the water on each surface forming one mass that bonds the two surfaces. The molecular pull is strongest at the point of greatest mass and is constantly attracting the outer molecules inward. This leads to water moulding its smallest surface area and the condition we know as SURFACE TENSION.
When a wet leaf falls on mesh, the leaf can remain bonded for many hours and even days. Another leaf comes by and bonds, then another and another and soon we have a blockage!
The SUPADIVERTA filter has raised projections on splash platforms which disrupt the surface tension, allowing debris to be flushed away. Without this design feature, the SUPADIVERTA mesh filter would block as easily as other mesh filters.

Filter set at a 50 degree angle to easily flush debris. Inlet is designed to direct water to filter at an optimum 90 degree angle during typical rainfall.

Minimal maintenance
The filter is self cleaning by design!

For general maintenance
- see Fitting Instructions

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