No Tank - No Worries - Supadiverta - syphonic rainwater diverter

Australian made and owned
Divert and capture rainwater, divert leaves and debris, extract debris
Divert and capture rain water
Divert capture rainwater, flush and sediment extraction
Distrubte, divert and capture rain water
Supadiverta is trade marked
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The best time to water gardens is often WHILE IT IS RAINING!

Light rainfall does not provide the vital long deep soakings necessary to prevent water stress and help drought proof plants and trees.  Shallow watering encourages roots to rise to the surface and water stressed trees are dangerous due to the wood cells that manage stretch and compression becoming dry.
Mulch minimises evaporation but fine mulch can absorb light rainfall, leaving the soil dry.
In these times of climate change, altered rainfall patterns, prolonged dry periods and water restrictions, our valuable gardens sure have it tough, but help is at hand!

When used with GRAVITY FED DRIP HOSES, SUPADIVERTA will harvest and divert the FREE WATER that falls on our rooves to provide the additional water our gardens often so desperately need, especially in shadow areas near walls and under the eaves.

HANDY HINT: After the next rainfall, go into the garden and dig down 300mm and check the soil for moisture penetration. You may be surprised at what you find!

Smart water saving and diversion
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