Slash Installation Costs - Supadiverta - syphonic rainwater diverter

Australian made and owned
Divert and capture rainwater, divert leaves and debris, extract debris
Divert and capture rain water
Divert capture rainwater, flush and sediment extraction
Distrubte, divert and capture rain water
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Revolutionary rainwater harvesting . . .
NEATER           EASIER           CHEAPER

When diverting to a rainwater tank, Supadiverta diverts to an inlet fitted a recommended 100mm above the bottom of the tank and within a 60 degree arc of the pump draw outlet.

Dynamic head varies with the tank’s changing water level.
The emptier the tank - the greater the dynamic head – the faster the available flow rate.


Fitting pipe work is easy
  • Additional downpipes are easily and cheaply harvested.
  • A tank overflow pipe is not always needed. . . . read more
  • Tanks are easily and cheaply located away from the house when overflow pipes are deleted.
  • The horizontal pipe can be plumbed with fittings to supply hoses anywhere along its length.
  • Less sediment = less maintenance.    

Tanks should be fitted with:

  • A low dedicated drain valve.
  • A suitably sized infeed valve fitted a recommended 100 mm above the bottom of the tank.
  • A pump draw valve, usually 25mm, fitted a recommended 80 mm above the bottom of the tank at its lowest point and within 60 degrees either side of the infeed valve.

If upgrading an existing system or harvesting additional downpipes, tanks are usually but not always retro-fitted with an additional larger gate/ball valve. This is an opportunity to also de-sludge the tank.

Fitting is normally a quick and easy task but the tank’s distributor or manufacturer should be contacted if the homeowner does not feel confident or cannot access the necessary tools. Check with the manufacturer if in doubt about fitting an additional outlet to any section of the tank.

SUPADIVERTA delivers good quality water and one downpipe often supplies a class 9 PVC 25mm (30.5mm ID) pressure pipe diverted to an existing 25mm inlet.

Large tanks harvesting multiple downpipes sometimes have more than one inlet.

Many poly tanks have thicker wall sections where tank fittings are best fitted. NOTE that the hole saw size will be different to the outlet’s designated size.

1mm of water on 1 square metre = 1 litre
10mm rainfall per hour on 35 square metres of harvested roof is an average of 5.8 litres per minute.

The Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling specify that water diverted into a tank must pass through insect proof mesh with apertures no larger than 1mm.

Many areas of Australia have additional local council and health department requirements that state that mosquito proof meshed rainheads/leaf diverters must be fitted to rainwater harvesting systems that retain water in the pipes or fittings.

Supadiverta satisfies these requirements with its .75mm leaf diverter/ filter that also mosquito proofs the reservoir.

Smart water saving and diversion
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