Overflow Pipe - Supadiverta - syphonic rainwater diverter

Australian made and owned
Divert and capture rainwater, divert leaves and debris, extract debris
Divert and capture rain water
Divert capture rainwater, flush and sediment extraction
Distrubte, divert and capture rain water
Supadiverta is trade marked
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Are water tank overflow pipes always needed?

Diverting additional downpipes often causes the inflow capacity to exceed a water tank’s overflow capacity during heavy rain.

  • Water tank overflow outlets or pipes are required to be fitted with either mosquito proof mesh or a flap valve. The mesh typically has an open area of about 55% which presents a flow restriction within the overflow pipe.
  • Many water tanks are designed with very high overflow outlets which severely reduce a tank’s mitigation and discharge capacity.
  • Water tank manufacturers rarely if ever provide information about a tank’s overflow capacities.
  • An organic film floats on the tank’s water surface during and after rain. This often gels to the overflow mesh during overflows, causing an increased flow restriction.
  • Overflow pipes are often costly to install.
  • Downpipes diverted along walls are ugly.
BUT height adjusting SUPADIVERTAs to downpipes can eliminate the need for a water tank overflow pipe!
Fit supadiverta so overflow pipe not required on tank

  • A SUPADIVERTA height adjusted on a downpipe with the top of the reservoir wall 2 cm below the bottom of the tank’s overflow outlet will overflow back to the stormwater system when the tank fills.
  • If no other downpipes drain to the water tank’s top meshed inlet, there is no need for a water tank overflow pipe!
  • Deleting or capping a water tank’s overflow outlet increases storage capacity. It also allows the Supadiverta to be fitted higher on the downpipe to generate increased head pressure.
  • If a tank already has an overflow pipe connected and a downpipe diverts to the tanks top meshed inlet, additional downpipes can be diverted to the tank by Supadivertas without affecting the tank’s overflow capacity.
  • Using Supadivertas which divert rainwater to stormwater when the tank is full reduces sediment build up.
  • House brick mortar lines or weatherboards can be used as a ‘line of sight’ when fitting a Supadiverta.
  • Subject to slope, locating a tank away from the house is no longer difficult and expensive.
  • SUPADIVERTA diverts water, not downpipes.
  • Neater and cheaper rainwater harvesting.

Any number of downpipes can be harvested by this method
Smart water saving and diversion
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